Dust collectors and fume capture equipment

AQC is a leading-edge, high-performance manufacturer of industrial dust collectors, as well as fume, smoke and particle control, capture and extraction equipment.

AQC offers a full range of robust dust collection and source capture equipment at the leading edge of dust collection technology with an efficient and functional dust collection design, developed to provide significant operating savings throughout each dust collector’s entire life cycle.

Multi-Application Dust Collectors Fitting Every Need

Every one of our dust collectors is specifically designed and manufactured to meet -and exceed, industrial and commercial needs offering lasting, consistent and trustworthy dust collection performances no matter in what type of industry these dust collectors are used in.

Why fume extraction and dust collection?

Control, extraction and collection systems deal with health and safety issues in the work place. Industrially, there is no doubt that fumes and dust collection associated with the production process emit harmful substances into the workplace, whether it be soldering, welding, wood dust, solvents, adhesives, or sealants as they are all known causes of occupational asthma. Fumes and particles created from these processes are some of the most common pollutants in the industrial workplace. That’s why, nowadays, industrial collectors are so much in need in industrial applications.

AQC’s systems intercept more than 90% of circulating dust and fumes

When reviewing the need for fume, dust extraction, collectors and other general control apparatus, you will discover that systems take many forms on the factory floor. Local ventilation systems use arms to capture smoke and particle at the source and draw them through the filtering station(s). These units capture more than 90% of dust & fumes.

AQC offers many types of control, collection and extraction systems in a product line that is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our units are self-contained with filters that can clean the air or simply exhaust the polluted air to the exterior, if deemed more feasible.

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