XM-5 Air Tool Oil


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  • XM-5 AIR TOOL OIL is especially engineered for the care of all piston-type and rotary air tools.
  • 100% petroleum product.
  • Prevents rust formation even during storage.
  • Contains no metal, graphite, wax or detergent additives.
  • Has incredible clinging qualities, a fine film of oil stays on all moving parts it comes in contact with.
  • Provides positive lubrication for longer tool life and smoother starting.
  • Ensures maximum output and top performance by dissolving the gums and sludge’s that rob air tools of speed and power.
  • In most cases with automatic oilers the amount of air tool oil used can be reduced, thereby saving money.
  • Cushion seals all moving parts, preventing metal to metal contact.
  • Formulated to increase RPM’s and torque.
  • Has more staying power even in the presence of water by encapsulating the water.
  • The clinging quality will help eliminate the need to hammer your air tools to get them to start, unless badly worn.
  • XM-5 AIR TOOL OIL is designed to keep your new air tools like new, longer and your old air tools working like new longer.
  • 8oz Bottle