WGD Burner

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Eclipse low NOx WGD burners are compact, water-cooled burners designed to be inserted into the port neck of regenerative glass furnaces. Using a unique arrangement of converging flat jet nozzles, the burner produces a flat, fan-shaped luminous flame. This creates excellent flame coverage of the glass, ensuring high heat transfer and low NOx. In addition, the flame location is easily adjusted within the furnace, ensuring that combustion is taking place at the optimal position. The burner is also fitted to an Eclipse retraction mechanism in order to withdraw the burner from the furnace when not firing. The burner design results in reduced fuel consumption and refractory savings.


  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Refractory savings.
  • Reduced batch carryover.
  • High glass quality.
  • Compact burner and water jacket design.
  • Low NOx emissions.
  • Luminous flame for high heat transfer.
  • Excellent flame coverage.
  • Single burner per port.