Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom

Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms are a 100% natural way of speeding up nature. By adding Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms to a contaminated environment, we can speed up the rate of natural degradation and help the bio-remediation process occur in days and weeks rather than months or years.

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Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom Absorbency Absorbency: Oils/Fuels
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom Absorbs Absorbs: Up To 90 Days
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom Type Type: Natural Microbes
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom Incinerable Incinerable: No
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom Anchors Anchors: Tie Down
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom

Product Details

What is the best way to clean up oil spills after they occur? Nature has this down to a science. Wherever there is a natural oil seepage on the earth, nature has placed oil-degrading microorganisms into that environment. Nature is able to clean up after itself, but it takes time. It’s a slow, natural healing process — nature’s own pollution control. The problem is that mankind now puts far more hydrocarbon pollution into the environment than nature can quickly remove. Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms are a 100% natural way of speeding up nature. By adding Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms to a contaminated environment, we can speed up the rate of natural degradation and help the bio-remediation process occur in days and weeks rather than months or years.

Where do they come from?
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms are an archaea-based collection of over one hundred different species of microbes that are cultivated from rugged environments such as undersea vents or sites where there is volcanic activity. Ultra-Archaea Microbes are then bred and naturally enhanced in sea water and ammonia using sweet Texas crude oil as their only food source. 100% Natural.

The result is 100% natural, hardy and fast-acting microbes that have an affinity for oil and other hydrocarbons, as well as organic waste. This specific collection of microbes (Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms) has not been genetically altered or engineered. These naturally occurring microbes have been on the EPA National Contingency List since its inception.

How do they work?
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms will digest hydrocarbon molecules and break them down into harmless byproducts of water, carbon dioxide and lipids (a natural, soluble fatty material that is food for fish and plants). The more complex the hydrocarbon, the longer this process may take (for example, kerosene and diesel will be consumed more quickly than motor oil). This naturally occurring process is supercharged by adding Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms to any oil spill or contaminated area. Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms infuse as many as 5 billion microbes per gram into an oil spill, greasy catch basin, oil/water separator, etc. and within hours these microbes have reproduced from billions per gram to trillions. With water, oxygen and an organic food source (such as oil) these Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms will form vast colonies and digest and remediate oil on land and on water, as well as grease traps, septic tanks, storm drains and almost any other area where contaminants are present.

What happens to them when they are “done”?
After approximately ninety days or when the microbes have been deprived of water, oxygen, or a food source, the microbe colony will begin to naturally die off, allowing the indigenous microbes to return to pre-contamination levels.

How are they shipped?
The Ultra-Archaea are shipped dormant in a bentonite-clay based carrier. When the carrier dissolves in water, the microbes become activated and water may become temporarily murky due to the infusion of the clay. This is to be expected.

What else do I need to know?
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms should be stored and applied between 40°F and 120°F. Temperatures outside that range may cause the microbes to become ineffective. Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms should not be exposed to radiation. Ultra-Archaea Microbe Booms should only be used in applications where the pH is between 5.5 and 9.5.


  • Waste Water Treatment Plant — Industrial (refineries, pulp mills, chemical plants, steel mills, textile plants)
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant — Municipal (collection systems, food processing)
  • Plumbing Maintenance — sinks, grease traps
  • Spill Control
  • Septic Tanks
  • Odor Control
  • Bioremediation — soil, water, stormwater
  • Agriculture/Aquaculture — eliminating ammonia, stormwater
  • Oily Water — oil/water separators, containment sumps, lagoons


  • Specially-treated polyethylene foam used in Ultra-Archaea Booms allows it to float on the water’s surface while also absorbing oil.
    Microbe tablets (6) are inserted into slits in the foam sleeves — extended water contact causes the tablets to slowly dissolve, releasing the microbes into the water.
  • Booms can be dropped in, or tied off in catch basins (lanyards included), oil/ water separators or other areas where oily water can collect.
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 4″ x 1″ (152mm x 102mm x 25mm).
  • Sold in 6-packs.
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom


What is bioremediation?Bioremediation refers to any method that uses microorganisms to break down organic materials.
What exactly are Ultra-Archaea?Ultra-Archaea are microorganisms that have been collected from natural water and soil sources around the world. They are selected for their particular affinity for consuming hydrocarbon-based pollutants and organic material and are cultivated in a way that maximized the speed at which they consume these pollutants.
Are there any special requirements for Ultra-Archaea use?Ultra-Archaea only need what most forms of life need: oxygen, water, food (hydrocarbon or organic material) and an acceptable temperature (32° - 120°F.) and pH (5.5 – 10.0).
What are some of the advantages of the use of Ultra-Archaea? Completely natural, so they are a “green” solution. Can eliminate the need for absorbent products & their disposal problems/costs. Can be used to clean up oil spills on water, in soil, or on hard surfaces and can even be used to remove old stains in asphalt or concrete. A very small volume of microbes is needed compared to the area being treated.
What happens to the microbes after the oil, fuel or organic material has been consumed?The Ultra-Archaea microbes will either die, return to former natural concentration levels, or be eaten by other organisms. The microbes have an effective lifespan of approximately three months. Once Ultra-Archaea microbes have died off, indigenous microbes will return to pre-contamination levels.
What are the final by-products after the microbes consume hydrocarbons?Carbon dioxide, water, trace carbon, and lipids (white fatty acids). The lipids are actually a source of food for larger organisms and vegetative life.
How rapidly do Ultra-Archaea work?The Ultra-Archaea begin working immediately, once activated by saltwater or freshwater and a food source. Remediation times vary from several hours to several weeks depending on the type and concentration of the hydrocarbon or organic food source. For example, light fuels floating on water will be gone within a few hours. Heavy crude oil in soil will require several months.
Do the Ultra-Archaea have a shelf life?Yes, Ultra-Archaea have a 5-year shelf life. Once the Ultra-Archaea are activated, the microbes will continue to work for up to three months before they begin to die off and another dose needs to be applied.
Is it safe to use Ultra-Archaea?Yes, the products are 100% environmentally safe, non-toxic, and contain no pathogens.
Are the microbes dangerous to my health?No, microbes are found everywhere in the environment and are the original recyclers of organic materials. The average human adult carries approximately 3 lbs. of microbes on and in the body.
What happens if I ingest or inhale the products?It will taste like mud and could make you sneeze, but it is non-toxic and non-pathogenic.
What is the suggested concentration of Ultra-Archaea to water?How much pollutant in the water or soil will determine how often Ultra-Archaea need to be reapplied and how long it will take for full remediation. But in most cases, the information below is a good starting point.

For initial application:

-1 lb of Ultra-Archaea mixed into a 55 Gallon drum of water will cover 200 sq ft of water.
-1 lb of Ultra-Archaea mixed with 1 gallon of water will treat 1 cubic yard of soil.

Reapply as needed based on any test results. If needed, increase amount applied or apply more frequently. Do not allow the treatment site to dry completely.

If results are not noticeable within a few days of the first treatment, reapplication frequency or quantity can be increased.

A sheen of oil on water might take a day or two to clear up. Areas with heavy contamination will take longer to fully remediate, and in the worst cases (contaminated areas that have been untouched for years) could take weeks or months for significant results.

Once the Ultra-Archaea begin to work with acceptable speed and results, continue applying new Ultra-Archaea every 4-6 weeks until full remediation has occurred.
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom

Product Brand

The founders of UltraTech International pioneered the field of spill containment products in the early 1980’s. UltraTech was formed in 1993 with one goal in mind: to create the world’s finest offering of spill containment and spill response products. Since then, its vision has expanded into additional product categories and the company now features a product line that consists of over 400 unique products.

Focusing intensely on meeting customer needs in an innovative and cost-effective manner, the company has introduced an average of 20 new products per year. UltraTech's design and development team is credited with nearly 50 patents. Its lines of “problem solver” products are market leaders in the following categories:

  • Spill Containment
  • Stormwater Management
  • Facility Protection
  • Construction Compliance
  • Oil Spill
  • Microbes
  • Rad Waste Management

UltraTech’s manufacturing facility is located in northeast Ohio, an excellent location to ship throughout North America. The 100,000+ square foot factory is ISO 9002 certified and features state-of-the-art rotational molding machines and assembly operations.

UltraTech products are available throughout North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean through an extensive network of safety, industrial and environmental products distributors. Field support is provided by knowledgeable and experienced manufacturer representatives and company personnel.

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