Transmission and Engine Oil Pressure Tester




  • Check oil pressure in automatic transmissions and engines
  • Adaptors used on most domestic and imported cars and light trucks including late models
  • Supplied with two gauges High Pressure Gauge – Calibrated from 0 – 300 psi, (0 – 21.0 kg/ Low Pressure Gauge – Calibrated from 0 – 100 psi, (0 – 7.0 kg/
  • Use high pressure gauge for all applications
  • Use low pressure gauge for more accurate reading of engine oil pressure where maximum oil pressure does not exceed 100 psi. (7.0 kg/sq. cm)
  • Comes in a durable vinyl pouch. Full instructions provided Note: Do not use low pressure gauge to test automatic transmission pressure Replacement Parts: H1734X Gauge Head (H1730, H1731, H1726, H3041) H3041B Y Gauge Head 100 psi H3041C Hose Assembly (6′ oil proof hose) H3041D 11 PC Adaptor Kit