Rubber Tailpipe Adapters

From: $69.60

From: $69.60

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Rubber Tailpipe adapters are designed to hook fume ducts to vehicles and equipment during maintenance operations in enclosed spaces, to prevent hazardous gas buildup.

  • Y adaptors designed for split tail- pipes 3’’ (75 mm) or 4” (100 mm) in diameter. Y hoses 48” long each (crush-resistant) Note: to be used temporarily. Not to be permanently attached to hose reel.
  • Straight adaptors with hook and chain. Up to 2,5’’(65 mm), 3” (75 mm) or 3,5” (90 mm) in diameter. (crush- resistant)
  • 3’’ x 6’’ (75 mm x 150 mm) or 3’’x 8’’ (75 mm x 200 mm) oval shaped for dual tai pipes. Attached to tail- pipe by means of hook and chain. (crush-resistant)
  • 4’’x 9’’ (100 mm x 225 mm) for side by side tailpipes rubber nozzle- equipped with slotted closing flaps minimizing air loss. (crush-resistant)
  • Fits most for car and light truck tailpipe sizes up to 3” (75 mm). Attached to tailpipe by means of cuffs and slots.(crush-resistant)

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