PGP & PSP Standard Chemical Hose



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Peraflex PGP and PSP composite hoses are designed specifically to convey a wide variety of chemicals such as acids, alkali’s, solvents and petroleum products. Chemical resistance is achieved using seamless tubes and multiple wraps of chemically and aromatic resistant plastic films and fabrics that eliminate potential permeation, effusions and leakage. PGP and PSP offer superior reliability and safety without sacrificing flexibility and durability.

Typical Conveyance: Chemicals such as caustic soda, ethanol and mineral oils. **Refer to chemical compatibility chart for specific recommendations**

Peraflex Type PGP & PSP

Blue With White Stripe

  • P – Polypropylene Internal Wire
  • G – Galvanized External Wire
  • P – Polypropylene Tubes

Blue With Red Stripe

  • P – Polypropylene Internal Wire
  • S – (316) Stainless Steel External Wire
  • P – Polypropylene Tubes


CoverVinyl coated polyester. Abrasion, ozone and fire resistant
ReinforcementHigh strength, High-density polyethylene woven fabric
Liquid BarrierSeamless polypropylene tubes and film barriers
OptionsCustom colors, special branding and high-strength ballistic nylon cover
Temperature range-40°F to +212°F
Vacuum RatingFull
Safety ratio5 to 1
ConductivityElectrically continuous
RequirementsMeets U.S Coast Guard requirements
Hose IDWorking PressureBend RadiusWeightMax Length
1" 2002.0 0.6580
1 1/2"2003.0 1.0080
2" 2003.5 1.2080
2 1/2"2004.0 2.0080
3" 2005.5 2.4080
4" 2006.5 3.0080
6" 20022.07.4050
8" 20029.114.50100

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