Oil-Only Net Bags

Once a large waterborne oil spill is contained, it's time for sorbent Oil-Only Net Bags.

Spill Ninja

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Oil-Only Net Bags Absorbency Absorbency: Oils / Fuels
Oil-Only Net Bags Absorbs Absorbs: 3.7 Gal/Bag
Oil-Only Net Bags Size Size: 16.5" x 20.5" x 31"
Oil-Only Net Bags Incinerable Incinerable: Yes
Oil-Only Net Bags Anchors Anchors: No
Oil-Only Net Bags

Product Details

Once a large waterborne oil spill is contained, it’s time for sorbent Oil-Only Net Bags.

Oil-Only Net Bags float on the water’s surface to absorb oily spills and even surface sheen. Oil-Only Net Bags feature a Loose poly blend encased in a nylon mesh bag, which absorbs large amounts of petroleum-based liquid. Just toss Oil-Only Net Bags on a contained spill — heavy oils will adhere, while water is repelled, so Bags won’t become weighed down and capacity won’t be wasted. This means you can leave Oil-Only Net Bags in place longer for maximum effectiveness.

White color designates Oil-Only sorbency and makes it easy to identify when Bag is saturated.

Oil-Only Net Bags


Dimensions16.5" W x 20.5" L x 31" H
Sold as10 pillows per package
CompositionPoly Blend
AbsorbencyUp to 37 gal. per package
Absorbency perUp to 3.7 gal. per pillow
# per Pallet15
Ship Class250
Oil-Only Net Bags

Product Brand

Spill Containment, Simplified

Spill Ninja is dedicated to the sale of top quality spill containment supplies for all of your environmental remediation needs. Originating in 1983, Spill ninja distributes from it's 25,000 square foot warehouse facility in the heart of north America, and is capable of delivering to wherever spill containment supplies are needed.

pill Ninja is ready at a moment to deploy your spill containment needs. For your convenience, Spill Ninja is ready to deliver:

  • Absorbent products, such as socks, pads, and pillows.
  • Granular absorbents
  • Spill kits designed for Universal, Oil Only, and Hazmat Spills.
  • Secondary containment products.
  • Stormwater filtering and containment products.
  • Material handling and transport products.
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