Oil-Only Net Bags

Once a large waterborne oil spill is contained, it's time for sorbent Oil-Only Net Bags.

Spill Tech

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Oil-Only Net Bags Absorbency Absorbency: Oils / Fuels
Oil-Only Net Bags Absorbs Absorbs: 3.7 Gal/Bag
Oil-Only Net Bags Size Size: 16.5" x 20.5" x 31"
Oil-Only Net Bags Incinerable Incinerable: Yes
Oil-Only Net Bags Anchors Anchors: No
Oil-Only Net Bags

Product Details

Once a large waterborne oil spill is contained, it’s time for sorbent Oil-Only Net Bags.

Oil-Only Net Bags float on the water’s surface to absorb oily spills and even surface sheen. Oil-Only Net Bags feature a Loose poly blend encased in a nylon mesh bag, which absorbs large amounts of petroleum-based liquid. Just toss Oil-Only Net Bags on a contained spill — heavy oils will adhere, while water is repelled, so Bags won’t become weighed down and capacity won’t be wasted. This means you can leave Oil-Only Net Bags in place longer for maximum effectiveness.

White color designates Oil-Only sorbency and makes it easy to identify when Bag is saturated.

Oil-Only Net Bags


Dimensions16.5" W x 20.5" L x 31" H
Sold as10 pillows per package
CompositionPoly Blend
AbsorbencyUp to 37 gal. per package
Absorbency perUp to 3.7 gal. per pillow
# per Pallet15
Ship Class250
Oil-Only Net Bags

Product Brand

Spill Containment, Simplified

Since 1971, SpillTech has manufactured and offered distributors high-performance polypropylene sorbent products for industrial maintenance and spill cleanup. By building technology into every product, SpillTech has developed an exclusive line of high-performance sorbents for almost any leak or spill application. In addition to our exclusive line of specially designed sorbent products, we also market a wide variety of complementary spill control products to help workers establish and maintain clean, safe industrial workplace environments.

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