N400 Spring Rewind Gas Welding Reels

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To handle twin 1/4″ through 3/8″ welding hose

Oxy/Fuel Welding

  • Heavy-duty spring motor.
  • Non-sparking ratchet assembly.
  • Declutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding.
  • Standard inlets: 90° ball bearing swivel joints, 1/2″ female NPT threads. Oxy/acet brass inlet adapters are available.
  • Standard outlets: male 9/16″-18 threads. Right hand for oxygen, left hand for gas.
  • Pressures to 300 psi (21 bar).
  • Temperatures from -40° F to +200° F (-40° C to +93° C).
  • Type of gas used MUST be specified.
  • 4-way roller assembly.
  • Hose stop is required.
  • SR and VR roller positions: swivel joint is standard on the right, TR roller positions: swivel joint is standard on the left. Optional configurations are available

Model shown in image above represents standard configuration


N416-17-18-8L1/4 ID506410481219.515.1217.510.62810
N416-19-20-10.5C1/4 ID257010410.51220.7515.122010.62810
N416-19-20-10.5C3/8 ID257010410.51220.7515.122010.62810
N416-19-20-8J1/4 ID507410481220.7515.122010.62810
N416-19-20-8J3/8 ID507410481220.7515.122010.62810
N416-19-20-8L3/8 ID506810481220.7515.122010.62810
N417-23-24-10.5G1/4 ID759411510.51223.7516.122412.62910
N417-23-24-10.5G3/8 ID759411510.51223.7516.122412.62910
N417-25-26-10.5G1/4 ID1009711510.51225.7516.122613.62910
N417-25-26-10.5G3/8 ID1009711510.51225.7516.122613.62910

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