Maxi Reach

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MAXIREACH extension swing booms are made of steel with single or double pivot joint(s). Friction disks at the joints ensure that no steel parts rub against each other causing premature wear. The second pivot works on a ball bearing assembly. The spiral ducting in 6” [160 mm] or 8” [200 mm] mounted on saddles minimizes static pressure and air pressure loss. Different lengths up to 20’ [6,2 m] are available (page 7). The support rod attached between the boom base and rod bracket ensures proper leveling of MAXIREACH boom. Flexible hoses (250 oF or 120 oC) at joints are clamped to spiral ducting. Higher temperature tolerance flexible hoses are available. End of boom is equipped with a support bracket for the MAXAIR fume arm or MAXIDROP hose drop systems for vehicle fume exhaust. A custom support bracket can be installed at the end of the single pivot boom for MAXIREEL exhaust hose reel.

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