Industrial Film 5000 Series – Vapour Barrier Film – CGSB




Ralston’s Series 5000 is made from prime polyethylene resin in full 6 mil gauge (150 um) for stock sizes. Custom gauges are also available.

This is a special purpose construction film to be used as a long lasting vapour barrier within wall cavities and is designed to exceed the criteria specified in C.G.S.B. Standard CAN/CGSB-51.34-M86.

Ralston was the first Canadian manufacturer to be awarded CGSB status on this product.

Main properties:
  • Uniform 6 mil gauge.
  • Improved outdoor weather resistance to prevent premature damage from exposure to ultraviolet light.
  • Made from a quality virgin LLDPE blend.
  • Longer oxidative induction time protects against premature degradation.
  • Available in custom lengths and widths.
  • Specially packaged to inhibit UV damage.
  • Labels are provided for easy identification of size, both inside and outside the sleeve.
  • All pallets are overwrapped.
  • Warehoused in three locations across the country.