Flexthane MD Polyurethane Ducting

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FLX-THANE MD – Durable urethane hose has excellent resistance to abrasion, cutting and gouging for a long product life. It is reinforced with a bronze coated spring steel helix, it maintains its excellent flexing characteristics even in the roughest conditions. The ideal hose for lightweight materials handling. Clear is manufactured with FDA acceptable material. Wall thickness= .030″.


TubeDurable urethane hose
Reinforcementbronze coated spring steel helix
Temperature Range-54°C to +107°C (-65°F to +200°F)
ID (in)Weight (lbs/ft)Pos PressureNeg PressureBend Radius(in)
2 0.253029.02.0
2 1/20.323029.02.5
3 0.402929.03.0
3 1/20.522822.03.5
4 0.702529.04.0
5 0.902217.05.0
6 1.001915.06.0
7 1.201612.07.0
8 1.50149.0 8.0
9 1.55125.0 9.0
10 1.60114.0 8.0
12 2.00102.2 10.0
14 2.508 3.3 12.0
16 3.007 2.2 14.0
18 3.306 1.4018.0

I.R.P. Industrial Rubber Ltd. was established in 1950 by the Mallett family; who still owns and operates the business today. The company has evolved from a small end user distributor to an industry leading, nation wide wholesale distributor with locations in Mississauga, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Our product groups consist of industrial hose, couplings, clamps, Flexaust ducting, sheet rubber, and matting.

We offer an array of value added services consisting of hose assemblies, pressure testing, Canadian Registration Numbers, internal and external swaging, crimping, rubber slitting, gasket cutting, and rubber fabrication.

IRP has been a registered ISO 9000 company since 1997 and is currently implementing a 5 S management structure to further our quality commitment to our distributors.

Our entire organization is focused on helping our customers meet the demands of today's industry, from maintaining large inventories, providing a high level of service, to helping with product selection. IRP prides itself on our ability to provide solutions for our distributors.

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