F3100 For Industrial Fire Protection



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To handle 3/4″ I.D. thru 1-1/2″ I.D. hose

  • The reel can be installed on the floor or wall.
  • Steel construction is standard. Aluminum or stainless steel construction is available.
  • Choose disc rewind or removable direct crank rewind.
  • Supplied with spring actuated pinlock.
  • Standard inlet, outlet riser, and hub assembly are steel (also available in stainless steel).
  • Rollers and roller mounting brackets are accessory items. Specify roller position.
  • Standard inlet: 1″ 90° ball bearing swivel joint with 1″ female NPT threads.
  • Standard outlet: 1″ male NST threads (1.375″ x 8 threads per inch).
  • Pressures to 1000 psi (69 bar).
  • Temperatures from -25°F to +225°F (-32°C to+121°C).
  • Consult factory for other sizes and/or threads.
  • Consult factory for other pressures and temperatures.
  • Removable crank rewind is standard.
  • For hand-over-hand rewind option (less crank), consult factory.
  • CAUTION: When using Niedner Reeltex® hose, a special riser and/or larger drum diameter is required (consult factory).

Model shown in image above represents standard configuration


F3116-25-263/4 ID10085137.510.525.52425.527.8815.57.7521.75
F3116-25-261 ID7585137.510.525.52425.527.8815.57.7521.75
F3120-25-263/4 ID150941711.510.525.52429.527.8815.5921.75
F3120-25-261 ID100941711.510.525.52429.527.8815.5921.75
F3124-25-263/4 ID2001032115.510.525.52433.527.8815.51321.75
F3124-25-261 ID1251032115.510.525.52433.527.8815.51321.75
F3128-25-263/4 ID35011325.52010.525.5243727.8815.517.521.75
F3128-25-261 ID25011325.52010.525.5243727.8815.517.521.75
F3124-30-313/4 ID2751032115.510.525.528.7533.529.8815.51321.75
F3124-30-311 ID1751032115.510.525.528.7533.529.8815.51321.75
F3130-30-311 ID30011327.52210.525.528.754029.8815.519.521.75

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