ECR1600 (Power Rewind Reel)

From: $2,434.32

From: $2,434.32

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Product Details

  • Choose removable crank rewind or chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric or compressed air motor.
  • Adjustable cam-lock brake on crank rewind models.
  • Optional strap brake available on power rewind models.
  • 3-conductor, 45-amp collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring.
  • Consult factory for additional conductors available at extra cost.
  • Rollers and roller mounting brackets are accessory items; specify roller position.


ECR1614-17-1812/3 Cord17548116614.131917.518.129.889.510
ECR1614-17-1812/4 Cord10048116614.131917.518.129.889.510
ECR1614-17-1810/3 Cord10048116614.131917.518.129.889.510
ECR1614-17-1810/4 Cord10048116614.131917.518.129.889.510
ECR1616-17-1812/3 Cord20050138614.131919.518.129.8811.510
ECR1616-17-1812/4 Cord15050138614.131919.518.129.8811.510
ECR1616-17-1810/3 Cord15050138614.131919.518.129.8811.510
ECR1616-17-1810/4 Cord15050138614.131919.518.129.8811.510
ECR1618-17-1812/3 Cord275511510614.131921.518.129.8813.510
ECR1618-17-1812/4 Cord200511510614.131921.518.129.8813.510
ECR1618-17-1810/3 Cord200511510614.131921.518.129.8813.510
ECR1618-17-1810/4 Cord200511510614.131921.518.129.8813.510
ECR1620-17-1812/3 Cord350521712614.131923.518.129.8815.510
ECR1620-17-1812/4 Cord250521712614.131923.518.129.8815.510
ECR1620-17-1810/3 Cord250521712614.131923.518.129.8815.510
ECR1620-17-1810/4 Cord225521712614.131923.518.129.8815.510

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