Drift Punch




  • Made of the highest grade carbon steel, accurately hardened and tempered preventing splintering and extending life
  • Powder coated shank protects against rust
  • Edges accurately tempered to stay sharp
  • Extra-thick Hexagonal shanks minimize roll away
  • Working ends accurately ground and hardened to HRC 52-58 for maximum service
  • Striking end hardened to HRC-42 maximum – won’t chip or mushroom
  • Meets Canadian Government Specifications CDA39GP-43a
  • Warning: Always use punches and chisels on materials softer than the hardness of the punch itself
  • Ideal for lining up holes in two or more pieces of metal and for drawing pins through various assemblies
  • Often referred to as aligning punches. Pry or twist both parts into alignment and then tap gently to ensure perfect alignment WARNING: Always wear safety goggles