Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits 25/Kit

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Packs of 25 tests

800 Tests or 1000 Tests per case OptionsThe perfect way to test for the virus as well as the newest omicron variant. Testing within 6 days of symptom onset will help with early detection.• Health Canada approved• Easy to use• Convenient and private• Test accuracy up to 90.2%

The rapid test is the perfect screening tool for organizations and people that want to protect their workplace and home.  These portable rapid nasal swaps offer fast, easy-to-use, non invasive and reliable testing.

Single Use Test Kit Includes: Testing CassetteExtraction BufferExtraction TubeNozzle with FilterIndividually Packed SwabPackage Inserts

SpecificationsSample: Anterior Nasal / Nasopharyngeal secretions Format: Cassette and swabTime to result: 10 – 15 minutesAccuracy: Test accuracy up to 90.2%