C3200 Manual Rewind Storage Reels



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To handle single 1/2″ through 1″ O.D.
Hose / Rope / Cable / Wire

  • 4-1/2″ x 9″ (114mm x 229mm) opening in drum to initiate winding.
  • Designed for storage of long lengths of hose, cable, rope, wire, or other materials.
  • Choose disc rewind or removable direct crank rewind.
  • Supplied with spring-actuated pin lock.
  • Optional divider discs can be placed at almost any point; specify spacing of discs on your order, click here for more information.
  • Rollers may be purchased as accessory items.
  • Optional aluminum hand cart available.

Model shown in image above represents standard configuration


C3216-25-260.75 OD35081137.510.525.524.7520.7527.8815.57.7521.75
C3216-25-261.00 OD15081137.510.525.524.7520.7527.8815.57.7521.75
C3218-25-260.75 OD45085159.510.525.524.7522.7527.8815.5721.75
C3218-25-261.00 OD20085159.510.525.524.7522.7527.8815.5721.75
C3222-25-260.75 OD700931913.510.525.524.7526.7527.8815.51121.75
C3222-25-261.00 OD300931913.510.525.524.7526.7527.8815.51121.75
C3228-25-260.75 OD100010925.52010.525.524.7533.2527.8815.517.521.75
C3228-25-261.00 OD50010925.52010.525.524.7533.2527.8815.517.521.75
C3230-25-261.00 OD50011327.52210.525.524.7535.2527.8815.519.521.75
C3234-25-261.00 OD65012231.52610.525.524.7539.2527.8815.523.521.75

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