Body Repair Kit
Body Repair Kit

Body Repair Kit

From: $465.75

From: $465.75

Product Details

  • STRONGARM Air/Hydraulic Hand and Foot Pumps are precision made with the highest quality material and components providing a durable unit for years of service. Each unit produces 10,000 PSI with overload protection.KIT INCLUDES:
  • Hydraulic hand pump
  • 4 ton heavy duty ram with 4″ stroke
  • 5’ Hydraulic hose with spring guards on both ends
  • 5 Quick connect extensions – 3-1/4″, 5″, 8-1/2″, 16-1/2″, 19-1/2″
  • 1/2 ton spreader ram
  • Rubber head, wedge head, spreading toe and plunger toe, flat base, V-base, quick connector
  • Steel bar handle provides added strength
  • Pump core treated for tighter tolerances and added durability
  • Bronzed piston head bushing minimizes cylinder damage from side loading
  • Upgraded o-rings and secondary o-rings provide for a superior seal and longer life
  • Convenient blow mould case
  • Shipping weight: 43 lb (19 kg)