AVX-100 Portable Cable Storage Reels

Product Details

For stage box units

  • Rugged steel and aluminum construction
  • Black, non-reflective matte finish.
  • Durable tray provided for storage of stage box units.
  • Slotted divider disc design allows connector pigtails to be safely stored alongside snake cable, click here for more information.
  • Ergonomic carrying handle.
  • Adjustable cam-lock drag brake.
  • Equipped with one durable rubber twist tie for cable ends.

Model shown in image above represents standard configuration


AVX-1000.45 OD275161166121413.52111.25--
AVX-1000.50 OD225161166121413.52111.25--
AVX-1000.58 OD150161166121413.52111.25--
AVX-1000.67 OD100161166121413.52111.25--

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