AVF-14 Broadcast SMPTE, TAC and opticalCON cable.

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SKU: 21-NHR-13-30


Product Details

For use with 3mm to 9.2mm or larger broadcast fiber optic cable.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction, under 10 lbs., for easy transport and handling.
  • Modular frame style, handle and legs can be easily replaced in the event of damage.
  • Designed for Tactical Fiber and Hybrid Fiber cable types.
  • Quality construction designed for harsh outdoor environments.
  • Non-reflective black matte finish is standard.
  • External and/or internal drum storage with protective grommet for easy access to lead out cable, keeping dirt and debris out.
  • Crank handle permanently attached to disc.
  • Equipped with cam-lock drag brake system.
  • Equipped with two durable rubber twist ties for cable ends.

Model shown in image above represents standard configuration


SizeLengthWeightABCDEFGHXYRelative Size
AVF-14TAC 1 (4.5 mm)15009.59.56613.51413.2518.257.94--
AVF-14TAC 2 (5 mm)13009.59.56613.51413.2518.257.94--
AVF-14TAC 4 (5.5 mm)10009.59.56613.51413.2518.257.94--
AVF-14TAC 6 (6 mm)8009.59.56613.51413.2518.257.94--
AVF-14TAC 12 (7 mm)6009.59.56613.51413.2518.257.94--
AVF-14SMPTE 311M (9.2 mm)3509.59.56613.51413.2518.257.94--

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