AVD Portable Cable Storage Reels with Slotted Divider Discs.


Product Details

Broadcast Cable / Audio Cable / Camera Cable / Extension Cord / Rope

  • Communication, broadcast, and pro-audio applications.
  • Rugged steel frame and aluminum spool construction.
  • Black, non-reflective matte finish.
  • Slotted divider disc provides 2″ wide space for storage of short cable
  • Unobstructed access to both cable connector ends with slotted divider disc.
  • Frame clips allow stacking of reels.
  • Ergonomic carrying handle.
  • Adjustable cam-lock drag brake locks cable in place.
  • Equipped with two durable rubber twist ties for cable ends.
  • Optional heavy-duty, locking caster wheels available on AVD-2 reel (P/N 9949.0072).


AVD-10.25 OD5001510.256613.7511.7513.2514.257--
AVD-10.32 OD3251510.256613.7511.7513.2514.257--
AVD-10.38 OD2001510.256613.7511.7513.2514.257--
AVD-10.41 OD1751510.256613.7511.7513.2514.257--
AVD-10.45 OD1251510.256613.7511.7513.2514.257--
AVD-10.50 OD1001510.256613.7511.7513.2514.257--
AVD-20.41 OD6002213.137.58201813.2520.510--
AVD-20.45 OD5002213.137.58201813.2520.510--
AVD-20.50 OD4252213.137.58201813.2520.510--
AVD-20.58 OD2502213.137.58201813.2520.510--
AVD-20.67 OD2002213.137.58201813.2520.510--
AVD-30.32 OD7001712.8276161513.516.887.88--
AVD-30.32 OD7001712.8276161513.516.887.88--
AVD-30.38 OD5001712.8276161513.516.887.88--
AVD-30.41 OD4001712.8276161513.516.887.88--
AVD-30.45 OD3501712.8276161513.516.887.88--
AVD-30.50 OD3001712.8276161513.516.887.88--
AVD-30.58 OD1751712.8276161513.516.887.88--

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