AVC20-14-16 Portable Cable Storage Reels

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SKU: 21-NHR-13-26


Product Details

Broadcast Cable / Audio Cable / Extension Cord / Rope

  • Rugged steel and aluminum construction.
  • Direct crank rewind.
  • Adjustable cam-lock drag brake.
  • Non-reflective, black matte finish standard.
  • Optional pinlock available.
  • Optional storage drum extension available (must specify model when ordering) click here¬†for more information.
  • Equipped with one durable rubber twist tie for cable ends. “DE” models equipped with two ties.

Model shown on left in image above represents standard configuration, model on right shows optional drum extension. 


AVC20-14-160.25 OD1700181512615.51416.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-16-DE0.25 OD1700181512615.51418.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-160.32 OD950181512615.51416.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-16-DE0.32 OD950181512615.51418.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-160.38 OD725181512615.51416.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-16-DE0.38 OD725181512615.51418.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-160.41 OD600181512615.51416.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-16-DE0.41 OD600181512615.51418.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-160.45 OD450181512615.51416.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-16-DE0.45 OD450181512615.51418.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-160.50 OD425181512615.51416.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-16-DE0.50 OD425181512615.51418.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-160.58 OD250181512615.51416.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-16-DE0.58 OD250181512615.51418.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-160.67 OD175181512615.51416.7519.258.62--
AVC20-14-16-DE0.67 OD175181512615.51418.7519.258.62--

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