AVC16-10-11 Portable Cable Storage Reels

From: $366.91

From: $366.91

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Broadcast Cable / Audio Cable / Extension Cord / Rope

  • Rugged steel and aluminum construction.
  • Crank handle permanently attached to disc.
  • Equipped with cam-lock drag brake system.
  • Equipped with one durable rubber twist tie for cable ends. “DE” models equipped with two ties.
  • Non-reflective, black matte finish standard.
  • Optional storage drum extension available (must specify model when ordering)

Model shown on left in image above represents standard configuration. model on right shows optional drum extension.


AVC16-10-110.25 OD6001011.57.5411.8810.7512.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-11-DE0.25 OD6001011.57.5411.8810.7514.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-110.32 OD3501011.57.5411.8810.7512.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-11-DE0.32 OD3501011.57.5411.8810.7514.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-110.38 OD2251011.57.5411.8810.7512.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-11-DE0.38 OD2251011.57.5411.8810.7514.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-110.41 OD2001011.57.5411.8810.7512.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-11-DE0.41 OD2001011.57.5411.8810.7514.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-110.45 OD1501011.57.5411.8810.7512.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-11-DE0.45 OD1501011.57.5411.8810.7514.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-110.50 OD1251011.57.5411.8810.7512.2514.756.88--
AVC16-10-11-DE0.50 OD1251011.57.5411.8810.7514.2514.756.88--

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