AT1300 Portable Cable Reel on Wheels

Product Details

Industrial Maintenance / Construction / Agriculture / Broadcast / Grounds Maintenance / Video Pipeline Inspection

  • Direct crank rewind reel.
  • Adjustable cam-lock drag brake.
  • 3 conductor, 45 amp collector ring standard.
  • 6-foot power source lead of 10/3 cable.
  • 15 amp, 3-prong straight blade (twist lock optional).
  • Additional conductors available; consult factory.

Model shown in image above represents standard configuration


AT130014/3 Cord5007024.7512623.3116.532.542.514.31--
AT130012/3 Cord4007024.7512623.3116.532.542.514.31--
AT130010/3 Cord3007024.7512623.3116.532.542.514.31--

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