30 Gallon Spill Kit

30 Gallon Spill Kit

From: $428.27

From: $428.27


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(Available in Universal, Oil-only and agressive liquid models)

1 x 30Gal Poly DOT Approved Container With Quick lock ring
20 x Oil Only Mediumweight Pads
2 x Oil Only Adsorbent Socks 3″ x 48
1 x Plug ā€˜Nā€™ Dike Hole Repair Compound
1 x Pair Splash Goggles
1 x Pair Splash Gloves
1 x Black Neoprene Drain Cover, 36ā€ X 36ā€.
2 x Haz-Mat Disposal Bag with Tie
1 x ChemMax Coverall
1 x Collapsible Shovel
1 x Rupture Seal 2″
1 x Light Stick
1 x List of Contents
1 x Set of Spill Procedure Instructions