1800 Manual or Power Rewind Reels

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From: $811.44

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To handle single 5/8″ or 3/4″ I.D. hose
Air Compressors / Washdown

  • Lightweight, compact reels designed for long lengths of hose in manual and power rewind
  • Manual rewind reels include: cam-lock drag brake, spring actuated pin lock and direct crank rewind.
  • Power rewind reels include: chain and sprocket drive powered by electric, hydraulic or air motor.
  • Standard inlet: 90° ball bearing swivel joint, 1″ female NPT threads
  • Standard outlet: 3/4″ female NPT threads
  • Optional rollers: specify roller position when ordering
  • Standard pressures to 2,000 psi (138 bar), available up to 4,000 psi (276 bar) – must specify
  • Temperatures from -40° F to +250° F (-40° C to +121° C)
  • Consult factory for other pressures and temperatures


1816-17-185/8 ID7528138614.1316.524.1318.129.8811.510
1816-17-183/4 ID5028138614.1316.524.1318.129.8811.510
1822-17-185/8 ID150301914614.1316.530.1318.129.8817.510
1822-17-183/4 ID100301914614.1316.530.1318.129.8817.510
1826-17-185/8 ID200322318614.1316.534.1318.129.8821.510
1826-17-183/4 ID125322318614.1316.534.1318.129.8821.510
1830-17-185/8 ID250332722614.1316.538.1318.129.8825.510
1830-17-183/4 ID150332722614.1316.538.1318.129.8825.510
1836-17-185/8 ID300363328614.1316.544.1318.129.8831.510
1836-17-183/4 ID200363328614.1316.544.1318.129.8831.510
A1816-17-185/8 ID7543138614.131918.518.129.8811.510
A1816-17-183/4 ID5043138614.131918.518.129.8811.510
A1822-17-185/8 ID150451914614.131924.518.129.8817.510
A1822-17-183/4 ID100451914614.131924.518.129.8817.510
A1826-17-185/8 ID200472318614.131928.518.129.8821.510
A1826-17-183/4 ID125472318614.131928.518.129.8821.510
A1830-17-185/8 ID250482722614.131932.518.129.8825.510
A1830-17-183/4 ID150482722614.131932.518.129.8825.510
A1836-17-185/8 ID300513328614.131938.518.129.8831.510
A1836-17-183/4 ID200513328614.131938.518.129.8831.510
E1816-17-185/8 ID7546138614.131918.518.129.8811.510
E1816-17-183/4 ID5046138614.131918.518.129.8811.510
E1822-17-185/8 ID150481914614.131924.518.129.8817.510
E1822-17-183/4 ID100481914614.131924.518.129.8817.510
E1826-17-185/8 ID200502318614.131928.518.129.8821.510
E1826-17-183/4 ID125502318614.131928.518.129.8821.510
E1830-17-185/8 ID250512722614.131932.518.129.8825.510
E1830-17-183/4 ID150512722614.131932.518.129.8825.510
E1836-17-185/8 ID300543328614.131938.518.129.8831.510
E1836-17-183/4 ID200543328614.131938.518.129.8831.510

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