Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic Hose

MEP Brothers' hydraulic hose exceed your demands in the harshest environments. From construction, oil and gas, mining and manufacturing to transportation, our designers and engineers constantly bring new innovations to the field. MEP Brothers offers Hydraulic Hoses for low temperature applications too, allowing for effective hoses even in the bitter cold.

Flexibility plays a major role in your hydraulic hose operation and efficiency. With a bend radius up to 1/2 that of SAE conventional spiral hose standards, our Hydraulic Hose is extremely flexible, easier to route and reduces the chance of bending too tightly. This helps provide increased Hydraulic Hose savings and a reduction of shaped Hydraulic Hose ends while equipping you with a safer, more cost-effective way to keep you moving throughout the day.

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Arctic LCP 3
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Arctic LR16SC
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Arctic LR2SN
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Armorcoat ACP3
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Armorcoat ACP4
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Armorcoat ARC16SC
$7.48$18.16 See More
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Desert DR16SC
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Desert DR5
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Extended Life XCP3
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Extended Life XCP4
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Extended Life XR16SC
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