Outdoor Hard Top Spill Pallets

Outdoor Hard Top Spill Pallets are the perfect merge of outdoor chemical security and spill containment. Built on a Spill Pallet, Hard Tops feature a a solid casing to keep the interior hazardous contents protected from weather or tampering. Outdoor hard tops can be locked shut and offer easy access via sliding shutters and doorways on both sides of the pallet. Outdoor Hard Stop Spill Pallets can store anything from a single drum to modular units for unlimited storage.

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1 Drum Hard Top Plus
2 Drum Hard Top P2 Plus Spill Pallet
2 Drum Ultra-Hard Top P2 Spill Pallet
4 Drum Hard Top P4 Plus Spill Pallet
4 Drum Ultra-Hard Top P4 Spill Pallet
Multi-Space Hard Top Plus
Twin IBC Hard Top Spill Pallet
Ultra-IBC Hard Top Spill Pallet