Spill Decks

Spill decks and Spill Work Floors are the low profile option for preventing and collecting drum and container leaks and failures. Designed with efficiency in mind, these thinner Spill Containment Decks are designed to be linked together to make containment areas large and effective enough to meet containment regulations. Spill Decks are build to withhold large amounts of weight too - no worries of a spill deck snapping under the pressure.

Spill decks are made of chemical resistant polyurethane to resist many common chemicals. Specialized Fluorinated Spill decks are available for more corrosive chemicals. Spill decks also come with many accessories to ensure that containment can always be met, Spill bladders collect excess liquids in the case of containment failure and expand to make sure everything remains contained.

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2 Drum Workfloor Spill Deck
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Inline Spill Decks
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Spill Decks & Bladder Systems
$17.85$1,158.50 See More
Stormwater Filter Deck
$559.44$1,585.50 See More
Ultra-Track Pan Rail Containment
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