Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets

Safety Cabinets are the proper way to store paints, pesticides, flammable fuels and other chemicals. Helping protect your employees from the hazards of potential fires and chemical spills, a Safety cabinet keeps dangerous liquids stored safely away until needed. Safety cabinet come color coded by application, for easy identification of the contents. Regardless of your application or the space you need to fit the cabinet in, you can be sure to find a cabinet that meets your storage needs and space.

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Corrosive Liquids Cabinet
$85.07$1,682.37 See More
Flammables Storage Cabinet
$750.00$2,108.00 See More
Paint & Ink Cabinet
$1,940.60$2,740.40 See More
Safety Cabinet Bladder Systems
$994.00$1,155.00 See More
Safety Cabinet Shelves
$49.15$106.35 See More