Absorbent Booms

Absorbent Spill Booms

Oil Spills and leaks are bound to happen on the water. Gas tanks can leak or containment can fail, causing oils to fall into the water. With an Absorbent spill Boom however, the risk can be mitigated! An Absorbent Spill Boom sits in the water, and soaks up free floating oils and hydrocarbons, while ignoring the water. The high efficiency and ease of use of an Absorbent Spill Boom makes it a great way to prevent leaks from floating away, and with many styles to choose from, and you'll be sure to find the right boom for your application.

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Oil Only Bilge Boom
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Oil-Only Contractor Net Boom
$137.76$200.00 See More
Skirted Oil Filter Boom
$853.44$1,451.52 See More
Ultra-Archaea Microbe Boom
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Ultra-Oil Filter Booms
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Ultra-Spill Fence
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Universal Net Boom
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