Absorbent Socks & Booms

Absorbent Socks & Booms

Every spill, whether it is on the water or in a workshop, needs an effective barrier to prevent the leak from spreading too far. Absorbent Socks and Booms are the ideal solution to handle this task. Made of the same material as the absorbent mats, these long flexible booms and socks are designed to soak up most spills and leaks while preventing further spread.

Absorbent socks come in Oil-Only, Hazmat, and Universal varieties to absorb all sorts of liquids. Booms are Oil-only, and designed to link together while they float on the water.

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Activated Carbon Ultra-Filter Sock
Hazmat Absorbent Socks
Oil Only Absorbent Sock
Oil-Only Contractor Net Boom
Pipe Sock
Pipe Sock
Universal Absorbent Socks
Universal Net Boom