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Course Dates: May 24 – 27, 2016

HAZWOPER substantially improves employee hazard understanding at the worksite while empowering an operations level of response competency for employees exposed to any chemical hazards. The course offered by MEP Brothers has roots in the United States model of 29CFR1910.120(e)&(q) for contaminated waste site management, safety practices and emergency response, but it has been thoroughly amended and enhanced to reflect Canadian standards and laws.

Our course is unlike all the other general HAZWOPER courses out there – we know that most of our students are getting into much more precarious and unknown situations than the general site worker that traditional HAZWOPER courses apply to so we provide knowledge to suit that caliber of employee. We focus on Real-Life hazard understanding that comes from Real-Life hands-on experience that goes far beyond a general employee awareness.

The result is that we provide a 4-day course with clearly defined methods and protocols used by HazMat Specialists internationally to ensure that personnel operate in the safest possible manner in environments that include:

  • Oil spills from pipeline releases on water or land
  • Hazardous materials events with known and unknown compounds
  • Clandestine drug labs
  • Motor vehicle scenes
  • Chemical storage tank releases

MEP Brothers prides ourselves on our reputation for pvroviding clear understanding to complex and technical information for all levels of experience. It is the cornerstone of our service, and continues to always be our primary goal.


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