MEP brothers Wants to Celebrate You!

MEP brothers Wants to Celebrate You!


Come join us on customer appreciation day for a barbecue, drinks, prizes and more.


  • Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017
  • Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM
  • Where: MEP brothers
    725 Century St.
    Winnipeg, MB, R3H 0M2

All proceeds raised will be donated to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre

Be Environmentally Conscious, Keeping Green Is Key!

Be Environment Conscious, keeping green is key!

Wooden frames and pallets may seem like an effective method for storing dispensing drums, however in reality this setup is an accident waiting to happen. Even brand new drums are prone to leaks, not from seams but certainly from improperly closed faucets, or even just drips and sprays from regular use.

And to make matters worse, storing outside like this can cause the spilled chemicals to be spread around by rain and other factors. Unprotected drums also run the risk of tampering or theft, which can result in the loss of costly product or an expensive spill to clean.

The solution?

Get an ultra hard top and a drum rack! Hard tops are secure protecting drums and other stored containers from wind, rain, and other environmental factors. Hard tops can be locked out to protect drums and containers. Drum racks are designed to store drums at a 90 degree angle to the spill pallet below, allowing for safe and easy dispensing.

Get your Ultra Hard Top and Drum Rack today!


Stop trying to reinvent the bucket!

Stop trying to reinvent the bucket! Get an Ultra Drip Diverter and use the time making this apparatus for something else.

Leaking roofs and dripping pipes are simply a fact of life when dealing with nearly any building. These small leaks can cause a big hassle to any work place. Puddles generated can cause slips and falls. Leaks onto materials can cause mold and long term damage on products, supplies, and difficult to clean surfaces like carpets. Droplets landing on equipment can cause malfunctions, short circuit electronics, and in extreme cases, cause fires!

Using buckets, pans, and even the crafty device in the first picture is an option, but creating that bucket is a time consuming process with no promise of a well working product. Leaving buckets around on the floor still leaves the risk of knocking over buckets and is unsightly. So what is the solution?

Get an Ultra-Drip Diverter! These lightweight and easy to use diverters attach to the roof and have a built in port to easily connect a drain hose. Available from as small as a bag-sized pipe diverter, up to a 20 foot square roof diverter, any size leak can be safely caught and handled appropriately. Get your Ultra-Drip Diverter today!


Here is a doozy! Elevation with a forklift is not contained and insecure.

Here is a doozy! Elevation with a forklift is not contained and insecure.

Imagine this: you are on your job site, and need to dispense chemicals from an IBC tote. Not having any proper containment, like the IBC Hard Top, you use a forklift to raise the tote and allow gravity to take effect. Everything is working good so for, right?

Wrong. Maybe you knocked the angle lever, or the IBC slipped off the forks while sitting at an unusual angle. After a fall, the IBC cracks on the ground. Suddenly 1,250 liters of a caustic, noxious liquid is now spilling all over your workplace, endangering employees, damaging your workplace and the environment, and imposing cleanup costs on your company.

With the IBC Hard Top, incidents like these are easily avoided! The pallet keeps the tote off the ground, allowing gravity feeds and easy dispensing. With a 1400 liter sump, even a full rupture of an IBC can be fully contained. The hard top feature allows your IBCs to remain in place as well, being fully lockable and weather resistant, keeping your IBC secure.

With an accident on the line, why risk dispensing in an untrustworthy way? Get an IBC Hard Top Today!


Yikes! This unsightly mess is sure to be a major spill source.

Yikes! This unsightly mess is sure to be a major spill source. Get clean and organized!

Placing drums against a wall is the easy way to “set and forget” disposal and chemical drums. Unfortunately, drums like this run the risk of leaks and damage.

Building containment for any drum can be quick, simple, and only raise the height of a drum by as little as 4 1/2 inches off the ground. By simply using the Ultra Spill Deck, the risk of small leaks and large containment failures is mitigated. Spill decks are modular too!

By utilizing connector kits, multiple decks can be connected in any arrangement required, allowing containment to follow walls and still be kept out of the way. Add a bladder attachment to any spill deck setup, and instantly meet containment regulations for even a single drum deck. With the ease and simplicity of containment decks, why risk leaving drums against the wall?


Get with the times, stay organized.

Get with the times, stay organized.

We’ve seen it all, maybe your containment systems are far away, maybe you have run out of shelf space, or maybe even just ‘one or two’ containers sitting in the corner just isn’t a big deal to you. Regardless of the reasons, seeing the first picture is an all too common sight in many workplaces.

Now, not everything can be contained nicely in a 55-gallon drum and sitting atop a containment pallet. For nearly every job, working with safety cans, pails, and funnels is a commonplace occurrence. For these situations, we suggest Ultra-Utility Trays.

These heavy-duty poleythylene trays are available in 6 different sizes for almost any application. They can be used for oil cans, gas cans, other smaller liquid containers or for leaky parts, tools or machinery. They can also be used as catch pans under trucks and other vehicles.

Whatever the application, the Ultra-Utility Trays area quick, easy and economical solution. And they’re covered by an industry-leading five year warranty! Get your Ultra-Utility trays today!


This is not cool to see at gas stations and parking lots.

This is not cool to see at gas stations and parking lots. The Ultra-HydroKleen however, is pretty sweet!

Oil Drips and gas leaks are an unfortunate part of modern motor vehicles. During refueling, maintenance, or even just negligence, fuel spills happen, and the spills head for the drain.

The damage done from fuel in drains can become severe, risking fumes and environmental damage. In the case of a serious spill, you may become liable for damages simply owning the property!

For cases like these, we suggest the Ultra-Hydrokleen! This one-piece drain unit is designed to capture spills and leaks in its specially designed plastic body, then clean any contaminants, before releasing the remaining water into the drain. With it’s unique design, the Ultra Hydrokleen is the only catch basin designed to allow you to mix and match the filter medias you need to capture the spills in your lot.

Why let spills go down the drain? Get an Ultra-Hydrokleen Today!


Duct tape is great, but this is not a good idea.

Duct tape is great, but this is not a good idea.

Proper management of containment leaks is an essential part of any spill response plan. Using products like duct tape may work in the short term, however such products are not designed for this use – they may still continue to leak, or even worse, they may have an unintended chemical reaction. With a leak on your hands, fighting with tape or attempting to use rags allows costly chemicals to surge from the breach point, costing you money and time, while potentially causing environmental damage, and forcing you to deal with an expensive cleanup.

For an effective, efficient and hazard free way to stop a drum leak, try the magnetic drum tourniquet shown in image 2. This portable one-piece unit quickly and efficiently clamps to any size metallic drum, and the tough, chemically resistant rubber seal prevents the continued release of chemicals. With a faster deployment time and efficient design, why waste your time with tape?


Let’s Talk Containment for a minute.

Let’s Talk Containment For A Minute.

Containment is a regulatory requirement. Application of proper containment not only provides regulatory compliance, but it also satisfies due diligence and the small investment can save a tidy sum in potential remediation costs, not to mention health and safety and environmental nightmares. Given all of the above, it would seem to make sense that the simple act of purchasing a “containment” system is not really enough. The real test of “containment” is that, in the event of a spill, it actually contains a spill.

Picture one, is what I would call an “almost containment” system. Almost doesn’t count when it comes to a spill. A company’s investment in containment needs to be both effective and compliant. For a system that guarantees your environmental liability management, picture two provides true, effective and compliant containment. Spill Ninja containment defends against accidental release and provides the ultimate in spill containment liability protection.

MEP Brothers and Fluids In Motion have merged!

Two of Manitoba’s Best Industrial Distributors are joining forces

MEP Brothers and Fluids in Motion have merged! We are joining forces with the mission to serve our customers better: With one of the most experienced Sales and Service teams in Manitoba, a great location, a massive inventory, and exceptional pricing due to our increased buying power, The MEP Brothers/Fluids in Motion team is ready to service all of your industrial hose, fittings, hydraulics, gasket, safety and environmental spill control needs!

What does it mean for you?:….


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