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Since 1960, Brian MacAulay had worked with industry to supply quality industrial products such as hose, fittings, valves and rubber. Over the years, Brian saw that industry was becoming conscious of the environment that surrounded them, and was striving to reduce their environmental footprint and improve working standards for it’s workforce. He recognized that, though there were many companies that specialized in the supply of industrial goods, there was no source of expertise for industry to reach out to for environmental safety and control products.

So, in 1983, Brian founded MEP Environmental Products Ltd., one of Manitoba’s first companies truly dedicated to the business of the environment. A visionary in spill control, MEP invested heavily in cutting edge spill containment and control products that were previously unknown to the market place, making MEP the unquestioned expert in the field of environmental safety and spill control.

In 1997, two brothers with a long history in industrial hose and fittings, decided that it was time to put this expertise to work for the benefit of Manitoba industry. With a vision of supplying unparalleled expertise and an eye to superior quality and ethics that would be a reflection of their own personal commitment to excellence, Dave and Ted Powles formed Brothers Industrial Supply Ltd. Brothers soon became well known for the manufacture and supply of quality industrial hose, fittings, rubber products, gaskets, dust and exhaust extraction systems.

In 2011, MEP and Brothers identified a common culture that was dedicated to superior quality and service. Recognizing that, by joining forces, MEP and Brothers could increase their level of customer service and gain efficiency by reducing administration costs, the companies came together under one roof. In many ways coming full circle by joining the industrial with the environmental…a vision that MEP had been pursuing for 30 years. In 2013, realizing that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts, the companies officially amalgamated and became MEP BROTHERS Ltd.

MEP BROTHERS mission statement is simple:
Deliver Outstanding Quality
Deliver Outstanding Service
Be Safe
Work Hard
Have Fun
And, most importantly, THE CUSTOMER IS KING!

We believe that by following this simple formula, everything else will look after itself. Success, profit and growth will follow. We may never become the biggest, but we are always working to be the best. WE will never give up our dedication to quality, our pursuit of knowledge and our belief that our customers are our family.

The Dedicated Staff of MEP Brothers Ltd.

P.S. If you’re in the neighborhood, pop in for a coffee, the pot’s always on!

Deliver Outstanding Quality.
Deliver Outstanding Service.
Be Safe
Work Hard
Have Fun
And, most importantly,

MEP Brothers