Be Environment Conscious, keeping green is key!

Wooden frames and pallets may seem like an effective method for storing dispensing drums, however in reality this setup is an accident waiting to happen. Even brand new drums are prone to leaks, not from seams but certainly from improperly closed faucets, or even just drips and sprays from regular use.

And to make matters worse, storing outside like this can cause the spilled chemicals to be spread around by rain and other factors. Unprotected drums also run the risk of tampering or theft, which can result in the loss of costly product or an expensive spill to clean.

The solution?

Get an ultra hard top and a drum rack! Hard tops are secure protecting drums and other stored containers from wind, rain, and other environmental factors. Hard tops can be locked out to protect drums and containers. Drum racks are designed to store drums at a 90 degree angle to the spill pallet below, allowing for safe and easy dispensing.

Get your Ultra Hard Top and Drum Rack today!


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