Stop trying to reinvent the bucket! Get an Ultra Drip Diverter and use the time making this apparatus for something else.

Leaking roofs and dripping pipes are simply a fact of life when dealing with nearly any building. These small leaks can cause a big hassle to any work place. Puddles generated can cause slips and falls. Leaks onto materials can cause mold and long term damage on products, supplies, and difficult to clean surfaces like carpets. Droplets landing on equipment can cause malfunctions, short circuit electronics, and in extreme cases, cause fires!

Using buckets, pans, and even the crafty device in the first picture is an option, but creating that bucket is a time consuming process with no promise of a well working product. Leaving buckets around on the floor still leaves the risk of knocking over buckets and is unsightly. So what is the solution?

Get an Ultra-Drip Diverter! These lightweight and easy to use diverters attach to the roof and have a built in port to easily connect a drain hose. Available from as small as a bag-sized pipe diverter, up to a 20 foot square roof diverter, any size leak can be safely caught and handled appropriately. Get your Ultra-Drip Diverter today!


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