Here is a doozy! Elevation with a forklift is not contained and insecure.

Imagine this: you are on your job site, and need to dispense chemicals from an IBC tote. Not having any proper containment, like the IBC Hard Top, you use a forklift to raise the tote and allow gravity to take effect. Everything is working good so for, right?

Wrong. Maybe you knocked the angle lever, or the IBC slipped off the forks while sitting at an unusual angle. After a fall, the IBC cracks on the ground. Suddenly 1,250 liters of a caustic, noxious liquid is now spilling all over your workplace, endangering employees, damaging your workplace and the environment, and imposing cleanup costs on your company.

With the IBC Hard Top, incidents like these are easily avoided! The pallet keeps the tote off the ground, allowing gravity feeds and easy dispensing. With a 1400 liter sump, even a full rupture of an IBC can be fully contained. The hard top feature allows your IBCs to remain in place as well, being fully lockable and weather resistant, keeping your IBC secure.

With an accident on the line, why risk dispensing in an untrustworthy way? Get an IBC Hard Top Today!


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