Yikes! This unsightly mess is sure to be a major spill source. Get clean and organized!

Placing drums against a wall is the easy way to “set and forget” disposal and chemical drums. Unfortunately, drums like this run the risk of leaks and damage.

Building containment for any drum can be quick, simple, and only raise the height of a drum by as little as 4 1/2 inches off the ground. By simply using the Ultra Spill Deck, the risk of small leaks and large containment failures is mitigated. Spill decks are modular too!

By utilizing connector kits, multiple decks can be connected in any arrangement required, allowing containment to follow walls and still be kept out of the way. Add a bladder attachment to any spill deck setup, and instantly meet containment regulations for even a single drum deck. With the ease and simplicity of containment decks, why risk leaving drums against the wall?


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