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We’ve seen it all, maybe your containment systems are far away, maybe you have run out of shelf space, or maybe even just ‘one or two’ containers sitting in the corner just isn’t a big deal to you. Regardless of the reasons, seeing the first picture is an all too common sight in many workplaces.

Now, not everything can be contained nicely in a 55-gallon drum and sitting atop a containment pallet. For nearly every job, working with safety cans, pails, and funnels is a commonplace occurrence. For these situations, we suggest Ultra-Utility Trays.

These heavy-duty poleythylene trays are available in 6 different sizes for almost any application. They can be used for oil cans, gas cans, other smaller liquid containers or for leaky parts, tools or machinery. They can also be used as catch pans under trucks and other vehicles.

Whatever the application, the Ultra-Utility Trays area quick, easy and economical solution. And they’re covered by an industry-leading five year warranty! Get your Ultra-Utility trays today!


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