This is not cool to see at gas stations and parking lots. The Ultra-HydroKleen however, is pretty sweet!

Oil Drips and gas leaks are an unfortunate part of modern motor vehicles. During refueling, maintenance, or even just negligence, fuel spills happen, and the spills head for the drain.

The damage done from fuel in drains can become severe, risking fumes and environmental damage. In the case of a serious spill, you may become liable for damages simply owning the property!

For cases like these, we suggest the Ultra-Hydrokleen! This one-piece drain unit is designed to capture spills and leaks in its specially designed plastic body, then clean any contaminants, before releasing the remaining water into the drain. With it’s unique design, the Ultra Hydrokleen is the only catch basin designed to allow you to mix and match the filter medias you need to capture the spills in your lot.

Why let spills go down the drain? Get an Ultra-Hydrokleen Today!


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