Duct tape is great, but this is not a good idea.

Proper management of containment leaks is an essential part of any spill response plan. Using products like duct tape may work in the short term, however such products are not designed for this use – they may still continue to leak, or even worse, they may have an unintended chemical reaction. With a leak on your hands, fighting with tape or attempting to use rags allows costly chemicals to surge from the breach point, costing you money and time, while potentially causing environmental damage, and forcing you to deal with an expensive cleanup.

For an effective, efficient and hazard free way to stop a drum leak, try the magnetic drum tourniquet shown in image 2. This portable one-piece unit quickly and efficiently clamps to any size metallic drum, and the tough, chemically resistant rubber seal prevents the continued release of chemicals. With a faster deployment time and efficient design, why waste your time with tape?


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